Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new Sponsor!

Lottes of Love is excited to welcome Flexpak as a sponsor. 

Flexpak is the employer of Charlotte's husband, Les.  They are the first sponsor to offer a matching donation for any of their employers who make any donation to Lottes of Love.  Check out their website to learn more about who they are as a company (and if you have any packaging needs I'm sure they can set you up).  Their website is

Don't forget to check out our Sponsor's Tab to see the other companies who are supporting Charlotte and the Lottes of Love events.  It is because of great businesses like Flexpak that donate money to help us cover the costs of advertising, printing, venue rental, etc.  that allow us to make certain that 100% of your donations goes directly to Charlotte's medical costs.  

These businesses are truly AWESOME!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pool Party Fun!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Pool Party!  
Here are a few pictures of all the fun that was being had!  
We had around 360 people who came to swim 
with us and support Charlotte!  
We want to thank each one of you!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pool Party is Tonight!

We are limited to 200 people. Thus the presales. Order here on the blog, then print off your paypal receipt and bring it to the pool tonight to exchange for your silicone wristband. 
Or come see us at Thomas Edison Charter School today from 2:15-3:00 we'll be by the front office selling passes and handing out silicone wrist bands. 
 Hope to see you there and we all really appreciate your help in supporting our efforts to help with Charlotte's cancer related medical bills.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I suppose I should do a post here every now and then. I think I like to spend more time thinking about what to write as opposed to actually writing anything. It also seems as if some of my fingers are faster than others so I am transposing a lot of letters! I have a post in my head about when I found out I had cancer but I haven't been able to sit down and start writing it. And if I keep putting it off, I may never write at all. So I thought I would talk about today.

Today I had chemo for the 3rd time. It's always a little humbling. The first time I went, I didn't really talk to anyone. I think I was somewhat overwhelmed. It was the first day with both the radiation and chemo. But my mom went with me (have I mentioned how awesome my mom is?) and she talked to one of the ladies when the Benedryl knocked me out. This lady has cancer in her bowels. She has one daughter in high school and several older children. She is tall and athletic looking. She always brings these healthy snacks. She had a sandwich today with sprouts on it and offered to share without a moment's hesitation. Her daughter came with her today and her son came to visit also. She is on a maintenance program after finishing her regular chemo treatment.

Last week, I sat next to a lady who had breast cancer and it is now in her lymph nodes, lungs and bones. She is this beautiful older lady who looks like she could be your favorite grandma. This is her second time through chemo treatments.

Another lady has pancreatic cancer and the chemo isn't helping very much. She is small and petite with a fiesty attitude. She crochets these beautiful afghan as she sits through her treatment. Her daughter usually sits with her for most of the time. She ordered a wheelchair because she is losing some of the function in her legs.

Today I sat next to a man who has brain cancer. He is wiry and tough looking. He always wears these motor cycle T-shirts and looks like he could beat anything. He has a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor. He found out about year ago when he got an MRI for really bad headaches. They did surgery and removed the tumor but then discovered there was one more in the center of his brain and two other small ones. They told him they could operate on those but it would most likely leave him in a condition of needing to be put in a nursing home. So he did 45 radiation treatments and now does chemo every two weeks. Every time he gets back to feeling normal, he goes in for another round of chemo. His doctor told him that he probably wouldn't survive past last June. He's lost most of his appetite. He's says he's lost 40 pounds but the tumors haven't grown and he's still kicking!

These people are dealing with way more than I am. It's so hard to listen to their stories. I only have 28 radiation treatments and 6 doses of chemo. I look around and see these beautiful people and wonder why they have to deal with all of this. I just wish I could take it all away or trade places with them.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My daughter, Charlotte

Verla Hall, Charlotte's mother is the author of this post.  Verla lives in Wendell, Idaho with her husband John.  They are the parents of nine children who have all grown and begun families of their own.

Charlotte Elaine is our fifth child and first daughter. We decided to name her Charlotte, after her Welsh great grandmother, Charlotte Morris; and Elaine, after her English great grandmother, Elaine Hobbs. The baby books say that the name, Charlotte, means “strong woman.”  The name, Elaine, means “bright light”. We didn’t know at the time how well the names would fit our beautiful daughter.

As Charlotte grew, she began to show her strength of character and her willingness to work hard at any job that needed to be done. She worked with her brothers to milk our small herd of dairy cows morning and evening. One summer she painted the entire outside of our two-story house by herself. Several years ago, she decided to tile the kitchen and bathroom of her home in Logan. She had never laid tile before, but she studied the job out, asked questions, and worked hard to lay each piece of tile perfectly. Then she laid wood flooring in her living room. The floors are a delightful addition to her home.

Charlotte lights up the lives of those around her. A number of years ago, just before Charlotte left to move to Logan, she decided to put a black rinse on her hair. It was supposed to wash out after a couple of shampoos. It never did. As her hair grew, her blond roots formed a golden “halo” above the dark hair. Her husband, Les, says he fell in love with Charlotte because he had never before met anyone who had an actual physical halo.

Charlotte’s spiritual halo shows as she teaches those around her. Each day when she returned home from Kindergarten, she would sit down with her younger brother and teach him everything that she had learned that day. She taught him so well that he learned to read before he entered Kindergarten. She loves to read long stories to her two small boys. For Charlotte, the biggest disappointment in her battle with cancer is that she will not be able to be with her Special Education students at Thomas Edison Charter School this fall.

When Charlotte was a toddler, her grandmother worked at the JC Penney store in Rexburg, Idaho. Her grandmother often walked by the rack of cute little girl clothes and wished that she could afford to buy them for her granddaughter. Then the Teton Dam broke, and water rolled through the streets and buildings of Rexburg. The weight of the water collapsed the floor of the store and all the merchandise washed into the basement.

When the clean up began, the manager of the store allowed the employees to salvage what they desired of the ruined merchandise. Grandma knew exactly where to find the little girls’ clothing. She waded through the rubble and dug through the mud until she found what she wanted. She took the clothing home, washed it, and packaged it up to send to Charlotte. Her grandmother found something beautiful in the midst of a disaster, and used it to bless the life of her granddaughter.

Charlotte is so grateful for the kindness and generosity of her friends and neighbors. With tears in her eyes, she talks about her dream of getting well so that she can help others as she has been helped. Like her grandmother, as Charlotte wades through the calamity of cancer, she is looking for something beautiful that she can use to bless the lives of others.

Charlotte is truly a strong woman and a bright light to all.

By Verla Hall

Monday, August 8, 2011


The following post was written by Trina. She has worked with Charlotte at Thomas Edison Charter School in the Special Education Department. The two of them have also successfully run the last 4 book fairs for the school. She has been instrumental in planning and organizing all of the events for Lotte's of Love fundraising and has put everything together for the Pool Party.

I HATE MATH! Just hearing the word Math males me cringe and get uncomfortable. Charlotte on the other hand LOVES Math! We worked together at Thomas Edison Charter School in the Special Ed Department. She taught 2 different classes of Middle School and Junior High Math. There were several times when I would be in her classroom preparing other lessons while she taught and I would have to giggle at her excitement over a concept she was teaching. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone talk about Math with such Joy. I know, it sounds odd. But she truly loves Math and she excels at helping others understand it.
She and I were talking the other day about how we ended up as teachers. It was never planned for her. In fact, she changed her major in school because she DIDN’T want to teach. Then she came to Thomas Edison and started volunteering in the classrooms, which evolved into substituting. She was so good with the students that they offered her a position in the Special Ed. Suddenly she was a teacher and a darn good one! I think that Char has found her calling. She has so much patience and really cares for the kids. I think one of the hardest things for her with this battle with cancer, is knowing that she has to take a year off from teaching. I’m sure in her mind, she feels that the cancer has won in a way because it takes her away from what she loves. But what Char doesn’t realize is that this Cancer battle is her chance to teach SO many others!
I know that in the 6 months since she found out she had cancer, her friends and family have learned many lessons from Charlotte. Her patience with the billing and medical run around she was put through, he courage when facing surgery, her overall positive attitude about EVERYTHING. She is one of the most positive people I know. I feel so blessed to have become her friend and feel that she is an anchor for so many people. It is about time that the rest of us get a chance to serve her for once instead of the other way around.
I don’t have ANY pics of Charlotte teaching. So I figured I’d give you dum dum dum daaaaaa

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My running Partner

 The following post is written by Jill Williams a mother of two beautiful princesses and a handsome prince and they all have smiles that will melt your heart.  She is also the organizer of the 5k and 1 mile Fun Run which will be held October 15th in Cache Valley.
Jill and Charlotte running in the Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run 2010

Like Charlotte, I’m a runner. But I wouldn’t be half the runner I am if it wasn’t for Char. She’s helped me train for 2 half marathons and a full marathon, and I always look forward to running with her. Her pace is steady, and she pushes me, especially on hills, which seem to be her favorite type of terrain. I hope Charlotte gets well soon. I want my running partner back!

Just like her running, Charlotte is steady in her friendships. She doesn’t get overly excited about situations that some of us tend to blow out of proportion. She helps people to focus on the important things in life, to climb that next hill, achieve that next goal. And by example, she teaches us how critical it is to support each other through the trying times in life. The large group of friends organizing all these benefits for her do it because we know she would do the same for any of us if we were in that situation.
We have Lottes of Love for Charlotte!


We invite all of her family, friends, neighbors, and members of the Cache Valley community to attend a Lottes of Love Benefit 5k/1M on October 15, where proceeds will go towards helping Charlotte with her medical expenses. The races will start and end at Thomas Edison Charter School (where Charlotte works in the Special Education department) in Nibley, Utah.

Prizes will be given to the top 3 places in each race, as well as through a random drawing for all participants. Entry fee for the 5k is $25 and all entrants will receive a t-shirt, and start time for the race will be 9 am. The cost of the 1 mile is $10 without a t-shirt or $15 with a t-shirt, and families can register for $40 (families registration does not include t-shirts, but t-shirts may be purchased by registrants for $5 each), and start time is 10 am. Parents who want to run in the 5k may also assist their children with the 1 mile run at no additional cost. All entry fees will increase by $5 on October 1.