What is Lottes of Love?
Lottes of Love is a group of Charlotte's close friends who have banded together to help support her in her fight.  Our goals are to help her as she has helped us.  Anyone who knows Charlotte can attest to her giving nature.  It is time for us to give back to her!  

Who is Charlotte?

Beloved wife, mother of two, and Thomas Edison Charter School Special Education Aide, Charlotte was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer called "Clear Cell" in early March 2011. At the time she was completely healthy, very active and never expected to learn that she had cancer. At the time of discovery, the cancer could have been removed surgically quite easily. However since her family did not have any health insurance, the entire burden of the hospital, testing and doctors fees was more than they could afford. The first doctor and hospital they spoke with refused to even tell her what the costs would be and kept putting her off until finances were in place.

By the time financial arrangements were able to be made and the surgery performed over 3 months later, the cancer had spread. While the main growths were removed it is now in her lymph system. She has recently begun radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Cancer is a battle that can be won. She is without insurance and the burden of health care rests on her family.   We are working together to help Charlotte so that she and her family will not have to pay for this disease for many years after the cancer is gone. We are asking for your help.  Please join us, her friends, family, and co-workers in raising funds to cover the costs of her ongoing medical care.

We are working diligently to ensure that all money collected at events will go directly to paying for Charlotte's medical needs.

How Can You Help?
  • Spread the news about what we are doing, share with your family and friends the address to this blog and look for Lottes of Love on Facebook
  • Attend some of the events we have planned.  
  • Make an online donation to help pay for Charlotte's ongoing cancer related medical treatments
  • Consider becoming a sponsor with either a monetary donation of a prize donation for one of our events.
  • Pray for Charlotte and the organizers of Lottes of Love
  Together we can help Charlotte Gardner 
fight and win her battle with cancer! 

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