Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The beginnings of Lotte's of Love

Photo by Keri Andersen and used with permission
So if you've found your way to this blog you may be wondering what exactly is Lotte's of Love and how did it come into existence.  It all started in early May 2011 when I received a letter with a handcrafted friendship bracelet from a friend of mine.  Her letter says it better than I ever could.

Hi friend!

We all love and know Charlotte super well.  We all know that she is a strong, special and faithful woman.  When I heard from her that she has cancer, I was shocked, but it didn't sink in for awhile.  She was playing it so cool.  After going home and pondering it, I wanted to do something to show that I cared and supported her 510%.  I thought of making these bracelets to wear.  Though simple, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to involve some of her closest friends too.  That's why you're getting one!  I hope you can support Charlotte by wearing this until she has had her surgery and she is "all clear" from the cancer.  I learned and interesting thing about friendship bracelets (or BFF Bracelet" according to Danny).  Part of the reason they call them that is because they are extremely difficult to put on need a friend to help you.  I thought this was perfect.  Charlotte needs her friends to help her through this difficult time.  I hope you choose to wear it!

Lots of Love, Brenda

PS.  White and teal are the colors for cervical cancer.  I used silver instead of white (thanks Karen for the fab idea), and the black just looks cool.

So initially this small group of Charlotte's closest friends started wearing the friendship bracelets that Brenda had crafted with love and sent to each of us, we took pictures of us wearing our bracelets and posted them as our Facebook Profile Pictures.  We loved on Charlotte and supported her.  We knew she was juggling medical stuff but didn't want to pry or get in her business.

Before long we all realized that the monetary commitment her uninsured family was going to have to come up with just in order to get the hospital to schedule the surgery she needed was really beyond their resources.  Not to mention the toll the added stress of trying to handle all the phone calls and paperwork was taking on her health.  So for our love of Charlotte we started to put plans into place to help with the financial needs.  Thus with some phone calls and conversations we all pooled our talents together and Lotte's of Love became a reality.

We can't lose her!  Please help us get our dear friend the medical treatments she needs to save her life.


The story of Charlotte's cancer of course all begins months before that right before a St.. Patrick's party and a much anticipated Girls' Night Out.  
to be continued. . . .

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