Saturday, September 10, 2011

An example of patience

The following post is written by Jill Williams a mother of two beautiful princesses and a handsome prince and they all have smiles that will melt your heart.  She and Charlotte have spent many hours running together in preparation for one race or another.  Jill is also the organizer of the 5k and 1 mile Fun Run which will be held October 15th in Cache Valley.

Tonight I stopped by Charlotte's house to drop off some dinner. I found her sitting at the kitchen counter with her youngest son, helping him with homework. He looked frustrated. I know she has a cold right now, and she looked tired. But patient. That's one thing about Charlotte that's always impressed me. She is so patient. She never lets things rattle her.

I've witnessed her boys climbing like monkeys all over the playground, making me bite my nails with nervousness as I worry they may fall. Charlotte keeps her cool, and assures me boys will be boys and I will soon see now that I have my own little baby boy.

I've seen Charlotte at 4:30 am as we boarded a bus the morning of the Bear Lake Marathon. I had been training for it for 6 months, and was anxious about the miles ahead, worrying over the weather, if I was overdressed, if I was underdressed (I would have been if Charlotte hadn't let me borrow an extra jacket she had brought along, just in case), if I had enough water in my water belt to last me between aid stations, if I was trained enough, and many other things. Charlotte had been training for the half marathon, but since it was filled up decided to sign up for the marathon instead. Although she hadn't been training for it, she kept her cool, knowing she could finish, and just her presence calmed my nerves.

Now I've seen my dear friend Charlotte learn she has cancer, calmly explain her situation to medical personnel over and over again, humbly accept meals and financial assistance from friends, family, and strangers, and continue to uplift everyone with her beautiful smile and sweet spirit. And she patiently waits to discover what the Lord has planned for her, trusting him with infinite faithfulness. I am so thankful to have Charlotte as such an example of patience in my life.

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