Monday, October 17, 2011

A Spooktacular Night of Fun!

Please accept my apologies for it taking so long to get an update on here.  Having the race a week after Bunco meant that there was not much time to breathe or blog in betwixt or between.  The race is over  (you all won't believe how much money we raised in total to help with Charlotte's medical costs....but that is a secret that I'm going to wait to reveal with the race post so keep checking back in).

Now onto friends, treats, costumes, dice, fun and prizes!

A shout out of Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers we had who came to help with decorating, set-up, registration, and clean-up.  No way we could have done all of this without your willingness to serve and pitch in where needed.

Another shout-out of thanks to all the businesses and individuals who generously donated prizes. You can learn more by clicking on the Prize Donor's tab at the top of the blog.

Our sincere thanks go out to these grocers for donating goods for the Bunco Spooktacular and to the individuals who brought candy for table treats.  With another special thank you to those who donated prizes for this event. Everyone went away with something they liked.  They made it happen and everyone had a great time!

Maceys bakery:  160 yummy baked goods (apple fritters, pumpkin donuts, Pumpkin/choc chip muffins, apple and cherry turnovers)  --I think I'm getting hungry again :)

Lee's Market Place:  $25 gift card to use towards table treats
Smiths Market Place:  2 bags of 'Child's Play' Halloween candy and 1 large bag of salt water taffy
Fresh Market:  Ten 2-liter bottles of pop

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